Stock Broker: How To Become A Stock Broker Job Outlook & Resources

A stock broker provides a vital financial advice service. It is in the best financial interest for clients to hire a stock broker when buying and selling. Brokers have access to cutting edge knowledge and investment strategies. Stock brokers buy and sell orders for shares, stocks and securities on behalf of clients. This may be through a stock market or over the counter, for a commission.

How To Become A Stockbroker

 You do not need any formal qualifications to become a stockbroker, as long as you apply for and pass licensing certifications. To do this you will need to pass Series 7 and Series 63 examinations at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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Neuropsychologist: How To Become A Neuropsychologist Job Outlook & Resources

The field of neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between the brain and psychology. If we didn’t have neuropsychologists, we wouldn’t know how to combat cognitive problems like epilepsy, strokes, or Alzheimer’s disease.

How To Become A Neuropsychologist

Becoming a neuropsychologist requires getting an extensive education—a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, a certification, and a state licensure. It also requires a good deal of work experience that begins early in one’s career.

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology or other science

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Mechanical Engineer: How To Become A Mechanical Engineer Job Outlook & Resources

Mechanical engineers are intrinsically interested in how things work. They conduct research, analyze results, manufacture products, and design and test mechanical systems such as engines, machines, and medical devices. Mechanical engineers create technologies necessary to meet the needs of society.

How To Become A Mechanical Engineer

A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is required to be considered for an entry-level position. Additionally, licenses, certifications, and registrations are highly recommended for advancement in the profession. Following are major requirements for pursuing a career as a mechanical engineer:

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Librarian: How To Become A Librarian Job Outlook & Resources

Librarians are the gatekeepers to a plethora of resources. They hold the key to navigating seemingly endless amounts of information that would overwhelm the average person.

How To Become A Librarian

Career paths as a librarian involve a hearty education, substantial critical thinking skills and a focus on serving your community. Plan to spend more than a couple years in school to get the necessary credentials.

Complete an Undergraduate in What Interests You

At this stage in your education, it doesn’t really matter what you study. This as a time for exploration—the courses you take should simply be fields that interest you.

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Journalist: How To Become A Journalist Job Outlook & Resources

Journalists are responsible for the creation of features and articles for use by media organizations. If you have an inquisitive mind and enjoy researching, editing, and writing, a career in journalism may be for you.

How To Become A Journalist

While it is possible to become a journalist with no formal training, most organizations prefer to hire candidates with journalism degrees. In addition, obtaining a journalism internship while still in school is a great way to boost your resume and impress potential employers. Follow the steps below, and you should be well on your way to a successful career in journalism.

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Accountant: How To Become An Accountant, Job Outlook & Resources

Accountants play the important role of tracking and organizing the financial activities of businesses, corporations, and individuals. They ensure that all spending and income is documented, employees are paid, and budgets are followed. Accountants also confirm that taxes are filed properly and on time.

How To Become An Accountant

To become an accountant you must receive at least a Bachelor’s degree, either in accounting or another field of business. A Master’s degree makes accountants more competitive, but is not mandatory. There are many different professional accounting certifications one can earn after graduating, the most prominent being Certified Public Accountant credentials.

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Tutor: How To Become A Tutor Job Outlook & Resources

If you want to become a tutor, you are probably wondering where to start. From the certifications necessary to your first steps, this guide will help you.

How To Become A Tutor

Becoming a tutor consists of deciding who your students will be and earning the proper education to teach those students. Then it is a matter of deciding if you want certification or if you want to specialize as a teaching assistant.

Figure out what kind of tutor you want to be.

If you want to be a tutor, it is important to decide what level of students you want to tutor. In general, you can be a tutor for a course or skill you have more knowledge or experience in than the student.

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Medical Assistant: How To Become A Medical Assistant Job Outlook & Resources

Medical assistants help hospitals and doctor’s offices with administrative and clinical tasks. This guide will cover how to become one, what being a medical assistant is like, and what it takes to succeed as one.

How To Become A Medical Assistant

Getting hired as a medical assistant mostly depends on the office or hospital doing the hiring. For most people, though becoming a medical assistant takes 1-2 years after high school and consists of post secondary training, certification, and possibly an internship.

Graduate from high school or earn a general equivalency degree (G.E.D.).

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Lawyer: How To Become A Lawyer, Job Outlook & Resources

Becoming a lawyer can lend you sense  of security, as there will always be a need for lawyers. Whether you’re interested in family, business or any other aspect of the law you are sure to find your niche as a lawyer.

How To Become A Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer can be done in five steps. Including education, testing, clerkship/internships and passing the bar exam. Becoming a lawyer takes approximately six to seven years and can be quite costly.

Complete a Bachelors Degree

To apply for law school you must already have your bachelors degree. There are no requirements of what you have to major in but some law schools do prefer intellectually challenging majors.

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Financial Advisor: How To Become A Financial Advisor Job Outlook & Resources

A career in financial advising is ideal for anyone interested in helping others manage their money and investments. The article below serves as a comprehensive guide to entering the profession.

How To Become A Financial Advisor

 Entering the profession of certified financial advising requires knowledge of the education necessary for entering the field, as well as understanding how to obtain any necessary licensing or certification required to perform the job. In order to become a financial advisor, one must follow the steps below.

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